Luxury knitwear for all

(except boys)

We’ve always loved the look and feel of luxury knitwear. But the very best has rarely been within our reach. Two years ago, we set ourselves a challenge.

Could we make beautiful knitwear to the same or better standards as the luxury brands and sell it direct to you at a more sensible price?

aethel is the result. The finest yarns; knitted in London and Hawick; sent to you from London N1.


Who is Aethel?

Gertrude Aethel was the Grandmother of one of our founders.

Gertrude liked her second name best. From the Saxon word for noble or honorable, Aethel expresses the values which she tried to live by. She would remind her grandchildren of this regularly.

We will do our best to uphold these values as her name becomes our brand.


Made in Blighty

We like to make in the UK. It’s our home.

Our knitters knit in London and Hawick in Scotland; our recycled boxes are made in Woolwich; our labels come from Leytonstone.

Only the yarn is woven beyond these shores. Because Italian yarn is often the best. We are confident of very high environmental and ethical standards as a result. We visit our factories regularly and don’t fly our products around the world.


Our yarns

Everybody claims to use the finest cashmere.

We will just explain who makes the yarns we use. Loro Piana weaves most of our cashmere. Loro Piana is part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group and their yarn is used by their own luxury brands and others besides.

Todd & Duncan, based on the shores of Loch Leven in Scotland, has been weaving cashmere for 151 years. The soft water helps create a strong, silky yarn. They weave yarn for our thicker knits.


Honest and Open

Aethel only sells direct to you, our customer.

We avoid Intermediaries who need their mark-ups, increasing prices. We explain how much each item has cost us to produce and our mark-up. Traditional brands mark up 5-6x. Luxury brands 8x or more. We mark up 2-2.5x.

Some ask how we afford our occasional magazine and newspaper advertising. Our founder works in media and is paid in advertising.

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